Oh no! Not another “brand identity trends for 2016” article… — Atelier Pan

Oh no! Not another “brand identity trends for 2016” article…

2017 Update: this article is still relevant today... even more so, I would say.

Every year at the beginning of the new year we are overwhelmed by all the articles on trend predictions for the coming year. This year was no exception. As I read some of the most popular brand identity articles to keep up to date of interesting developments, I’m actually feeling optimistic about what’s happening in the world of branding and logo design.

I notice that more and more brands are shifting (or have shifted) their focus to the consumer and the client. They’ve become client-centred. A trend that’s been going on for a while now and is still growing in popularity. And I love it!

Your brand is all about the people it serves.

And if it’s not, it should be 😉

When your potential clients are looking for a product or service they tend to value authentic brands more these days —brands that show who they are, what they care about and focus on how they can serve their client in the best possible way.

In a previous article I wrote about brand strategy, I explained the four eras in the cycle of capitalism. And the current era is all about brands based on morality, honesty and transparency. This matches perfectly with some of the trends for 2016.

Let me tell you.​


After reading a lot about branding and logo design trends for 2016, 3 things stand out for me:


It’s not so much about your brand anymore, it's more about your brand experience. What do your clients experience when they come in contact with your brand?

“A brand experience is a brand's action perceived by a person. Every interaction between an individual and a tangible or intangible brand artefact can be seen as a brand experience.”

—From: BXP (www.brandexperience.info/definitions)

Whenever someone comes in contact with your brand —either through something they see or hear, e.g. your logo, business cards, brochure, packaging or even your website, ads and social media— they are experiencing your brand.

Atelier Pan | Brand identity trends for 2016


Your clients and prospects want to get to know you. They are looking for some kind of personal relationship with you and your brand. It must feel honest, comfortable and personal. An interesting development in this area is that CEO’s of big companies are more visible than ever. These days we know a lot of CEO’s by name, who they are and what they stand for. They are the human representation of the company. This wasn’t the case before.

3 outstanding brand identity trends you need to know about

Personal branding has never been more popular: Interact with your clients on a more personal level and deliver products made to fit their individual needs.


Your clients and prospects want to be addressed personally. They want to get the feeling that your messaging is just for them and that you’re having a conversation with them —from person to person; a conversation with an actual human being.

Atelier Pan | Brand identity trends for 2016

“Brands have traditionally been a facade that has represented a set of values, but consumers are increasingly turned off by the idea of a faceless company that doesn't have any humanity about it.”

—From: 2016's biggest branding trends - revealed

Sometimes I hear that it’s no longer about business-to-business or business-to-consumer, but it’s about person-to-person these days. We’re going back to the human scale: Personalise your message.

These 3 outstanding branding trends present some interesting opportunities for your brand. I'm curious about how you would incorporate these into your own brand identity.

To get you started with that...  


I’ve prepared a video for you with 4 logo design trends that can improve your brand experience, increase your personal interaction and make your brand feel more human. All you need to do is answer this question in the comments below:

How would you incorporate these 3 trends into your own brand identity?

After your comment is placed, I’ll send you the link to the video with the 4 logo design trends.

Atelier Pan | Brand identity trends for 2016


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