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Branding is like dating. Learn how to be attractive.

By Simon Droog — a Dutch self-taught brand and graphic designer


Dave: “Hi, I’m Dave.”
Anna: “Hi, I’m Anna.”

Dave: “Nice to meet you, Anna.”
Anna: “You too, Dave.”

Dave: “Let’s find a table and order something to drink.”
Anna: “Ok, that sounds good.”

Dave: “Tell me a bit about yourself, Anna.”
Anna: “Sure... let’s see.”

Anna: “I’m perfect for you. Let's get married as soon as possible and have babies.”
Dave: “…”

There are some things you just don’t do on a first date.
You do not talk about marriage, meeting your parents or having babies.

Anna realises: “Hmm, I might have skipped a few steps there...”

Dating should be taken one step at the time.

The same is true for branding and marketing.

Allow them to get to know you first.

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“Would you propose on a first date?
Of course not, but that's how many businesses approach marketing.”
— Donald Miller, founder of Storybrand


Before someone decides to do business with you, they would like to get to know you a little better.

Just like in dating.

“People do business with people they know, like and trust.”

Who are you?
What do you do?
Should I care?

Do I like you?
Do I like what you have to say?

Are you an expert?
Can you help me?
Have you successfully helped others like me?

4. BUY
What do I do next?
How do I get started?

Don’t start selling too soon.

Let’s get to know, like and trust each other first.

Atelier Pan first date dating learn how to be attractive branding marketing

In a sense we turn a stranger into a friend first. 
Only after we’ve made a new friend, we'll be able to turn that friend into a client.

So, what can we do to facilitate these steps?


It’s like telling a good story. You don’t reveal the whole story all at once. You give the listener time to really get into the story… you build momentum.

First you introduce the setting and the main characters. Then you reveal what they’re struggling with and what they’re trying to accomplish. Usually a guide is introduced next that knows how to overcome what they’re struggling with. Then the guide reveals a plan and inspires the main characters to take action. After a big climax the struggle is resolved and everybody lives happily ever after. *Soft sigh*

Storytelling is such a powerful tool to get to know each other and to build trust.

In another article I'll tell you in more detail how you can use storytelling for your branding:
Storytelling, a simple how to that will improve your business


In all your communication with potential clients, whether that’s on your website, during a networking event or on social media, you show & tell your story. It’s the business equivalent of a first date.

Incorporate elements about yourself, what you do and why that's relevant to them. Talk about how you can help them and that you’ve helped others like them before. Remember to always tell the story from the perspective of your potential client — why it’s relevant to them.

That way you give them a chance to first get to know, like and trust you.

Once they do, they’ll be ready to buy from you.

Now you can start selling. Offer them the next step and how to get started.

With pleasure,


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