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Set your visual identity on fire: all you need to do is this

Turn your sparkle into fireworks. 

When you think about things related to your visual identity, what pops into your mind first? Probably something like your logo or your business cards or maybe even your website. These are all good examples. They are your representation to the world — whether that’s online or in the real world. And that is what your visual identity is all about.

Whether your logo popped into your mind or your website, doesn’t really matter. They’re all important and they should all match and be consistent. Any visual identity designer would probably tell you that. What most of them don’t tell you is this:

​“Make your visual identity about them, not about you.”

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I know it can be quite tempting to talk about yourself.

We like to talk about ourselves —at least most of us do. “I can do this and I’m really good at that. Look, I have all these diplomas and achieved this and this. I have all these wonderful features.”

Now, step into the shoes of your client for a change: You’re thinking about a challenge you’re dealing with right now and someone comes up to you and start talking about himself and about how good he is.

“How is that going to help me?”

What you’d like to know is how that someone can help you overcome your challenge, right?

So, wouldn’t it be more interesting to talk about what your client needs and how you can help your client achieve this?

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Instead of showing off your features, show the results you deliver. The weird things is, when you do, you'd still be talking about yourself —in a sense— but now you’re relating it to the things you do to help your client overcome his challenge.

Your visual identity should give your client the impression that you’re the one person who can help her do just that.

Of course it's still important that your client recognizes your visual identity as yours, but now your messaging and imagery is focused on her and not longer on you. You can use this philosophy for all your brand-assets. Focus your brand-assets on the value that you give to your clients —the benefits of your product or service.

Visualize and vocalize the challenge your client is facing. And how you can help her overcome that challenge.

Use your visual identity essentials as a trigger for your prospects —a trigger that makes them want to get to know you better. Let it intrige them, fascinate them, inspire them, etc.

Some examples of this could be:


Two business cards with a clear challenge and how they can help you overcome it.

|Atelier Pan| Visual Identity|

Image: bart advertising agency

|Atelier Pan| Visual Identity

— Image: I couldn't find the original source for this image. So if you know it, please let me know.


A brochure with a clear focus on the challenge the client is dealing with.

|Atelier Pan | Visual Identity|

— Image: Counseling Brochure Template


A website that makes your challenge their top priority.

|Atelier Pan| Visual Identity

— Image:

It was quite a challenge to find some good examples of “benefit driven identities”. Almost everybody is using their visual identity (business cards, website and brochures) to promote just themselves —not what they can do for their client.

So, you can do it differently and you’ll have a great opportunity to stand out in the herd.

Set yourself apart by incorporating these into your visual identity:

  1. Who is your client?
  2. Focus on their needs and challenges,
  3. Show how you can guide them to get there,
  4. Celebrate the results,

And set your visual identity on fire!


— Source: Reddit


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