Juventus’ new brand identity: 5 reasons why it is so good…

… despite all the criticism from fans.

Juventus new brand identity

— The old (left) and the new Juventus logo.

I must admit, I’m not a big football fan (US readers: I’m talking about soccer), but when I saw the new Juventus identity I just had to check it out. It’s so different, it’s new, it's fresh. It’s a statement.

Change is coming:


The new Juventus identity is so good, because it conforms to these 5 principles of branding:

  1. Stand out and dare to be different
  2. Be a leader
  3. Build on values
  4. Contemporary & timeless
  5. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid)​


Have you seen the other club logo’s of the Italian football league (the Serie A)?

They all look (sort of) similar. They all have a crest or shield that looks really traditional — see below:

Juventus new brand identity

— Club logo's of the Seria A. Image source: Brand New

Then you see the new Juventus logo. It’s really different. It stands out.

Atelier Pan Simon Says tips

#1: When you’re thinking about your (re)brand, look at other players in your market. What are they doing? What makes you different? And how can you use that to your advantage? Research, experiment and evolve.


Let go of the old and embrace the new. Let’s take a step forward.

Juventus new brand identity

— Launch event. Source: Juventus

“Introducing the new face of Juventus. The Black and White and More era begins now!”

— Source: Interbrand project page

The new era begins now. Juventus is planning to grow as a brand. They want to extent their brand experience to include more than just football:

“Juventus aims to distil its essence into far-reaching experiences which can appeal to the football fan while being highly relevant to entertainment enthusiasts who are further away from football as a sport.”

— Source: Interbrand project page

The football industry is quite traditional with fans that are really invested in their team. And they don’t like change.

Well, this is a change. A big one.

By taking a step forward, by taking a refreshing new approach to their brand, by being first, Juventus has taken the lead. And I feel they’re blazing a trail for others to follow.

Atelier Pan Simon Says tips

#2: A lot of businesses just follow the rest. They don’t stand out. They don’t dare to be different. Being a leader is, however, about going first, about exploring the unknown, about seeing where an industry is going and about taking action. So, if you want to be a brand leader, take some time to explore these topics and see what actions you can take to take the lead.


Even though it might not seem that way at first glance, the new identity is built on a heritage and isn’t something that just dropped from the sky.

Juventus new brand identity

— Logo formula. Image source: Brandemia

The new logo is based on:

  1. The shield: a recurring emblem in the football industry
  2. Black and white stripes: the team’s defining element
  3. The letter ‘J’: McDonalds has the ‘M’, Google has the ‘G’, and now Juventus has the ‘J'

“By leaving the team’s defining black-and-white stripes untouched, Juventus is bringing the illustrious legacy and spirit of one of Italy’s preeminent teams to new audiences and die-hard fans alike.”

— Source: Interbrand project page

Atelier Pan Simon Says tips

#3: A brand without values is like a house without a foundation. A brand needs constraints to be able to work. What are your values? Which ones make you stand out in the crowd? And how are these incorporated into your brand?

Without values to support your brand, it’s a lot harder to give it the focus it needs to attract attention. The values give the brand its direction. Questions like “Should we choose this image or this one?” or “Is this new client a real fit for us?” or “This event, should we support it?”, are a lot easier to answer when your brand has a solid base to build on.

A brand without values is like a house without a foundation.

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Times are changing. The football industry is about a lot more than just football these days. It’s more and more about entertainment and lifestyle. And the football brands have to change with it. Juventus has realised this and it acting accordingly.

Juventus new brand identity

— Launch event. Source: Juventus

“The new logo is iconic and universal. It’s bold enough to make a statement, but flexible enough to appear alongside a wide range of new experiences—in the stadium and beyond.”

— Source: Interbrand project page

Atelier Pan Simon Says tips

#4: A brand identity (incl. a logo) is a long-term investment. It needs to be flexible and able to adapt to changes in the market, but at the same time it also needs to be timeless. You want it to last. You want it stay relevant for a longer period of time. I know this might sounds like a paradox, but that’s what makes and keeps a brand identity interesting.


The new logo is iconic and universal. This makes it easy to recognise. It’s clean. It’s to the point. No bells and whistles. And the funny thing is, this is exactly what makes it stand out from the crowd, as the logo’s of the other teams of the Serie A are a lot more complex.

Juventus new brand identity

— Source: Brand New

On the other hand, it also contains elements that root it in the market it operates in:

“The execution of the new ‘J’ is great, hinting at both the traditional black-and-white stripes of the uniforms and Gestalting the shit out of your brain for it to complete the shape of a shield, which helps anchor the logo in a more traditional soccer symbol.”

— Source: Brand New

Interbrand chose the most important elements of the Juventus brand and shaped those into a new identity where there’s no more to add or subtract. It works.

Atelier Pan Simon Says tips

#5: I see a lot of brand identities that try to be everything. And usually those end in failure. Just like it’s important in business to have focus, the same holds true for brands. Choose the most important elements to represent your business and build a brand around those.


Something that needs to be said:

The fans are outraged. They feel that something has been taken away from them. I understand that feeling. The die-hard fans live and breathe Juventus. It’s a huge part of their lives, they identify with the brand and it has become a part of their own identity. Now that this familiar image has been taken away from them, they feel betrayed.

However, almost every big brand’s new logo or brand identity is met with resistance… at first. People need to adjust to the new look & feel of a brand and that takes some time. Usually after a while 'the new' sinks in and becomes the new standard.

I feel the new brand identity of Juventus could be the catalyst for a branding revolution that will affect the whole industry.​

What do you think?

What do you think about these 5 principles of branding?

  1. Stand out and dare to be different
  2. Be a leader
  3. Build on values
  4. Contemporary & timeless
  5. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid)​

Let me know in the comments below.


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