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Should you try to benefit from trends like Pokémon GO?

“What is this new Pokémon thing everybody is talking about?”
I hear all around me.

Even my girlfriend asked me last night what all the fuzz is about.

Clearly these Pokémon guys know what they’re doing.
Everybody is talking about it. It’s big! It’s trending. It’s a hype.

So, naturally, brands are attracted to 'this thing everybody is talking about' and try to find a way to benefit from the hype.

But when should you decide to jump on and get along for the ride and when shouldn’t you?


Last week I saw this ad a friend of mine shared on Facebook:

Atelier Pan trends pokémon go amac ad

—Source: image from Facebook

It’s an ad from Amac (an Apple Premium Reseller in The Netherlands) for a discount on a power bank that’ll enable you to keep playing Pokémon GO a lot longer (3x!). As battery-life is a serious concern when playing the game, Amacs' offer is spot on:

“You’re just about the catch that rare Pokémon you’ve been looking for all day. You throw the ball… it goes in… it wiggles once… it wiggles twice… [battery dies] —F*ck!”

Sounds like I’ve been there, right?
Disclaimer: As part of my research I of course had to give the game a try myself  ?

Back to the ad itself. It got me thinking.

Why did a brand like Amac decide to try and benefit from the trend, but a brand like WakaWaka did’t?

They both offer a power bank that (re)charges your phone.

Two reasons come to mind:

  1. Amac came up with the idea and WakaWaka didn’t,
  2. Or Amac decided this was an opportunity for them and WakaWaka decided it wasn't.

Both reasons could be right, but somehow I believe the last one is true.

Otherwise WakaWaka missed out on an opportunity here.

Let me explain why I think WakaWaka chose not to benefit from the trend:

I believe it’s because the trend doesn’t match their brand.

Here’s how Amac describes itself on their website:

Amac, Apple Premium Reseller
Amac is the largest Apple Premium Reseller with 22 stores spread out over The Netherlands. With a compliment of Apple products and a comprehensive assortment of accessories for Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and iPod this is thé place for all your Apple purchases and gifts. The Amac team has the knowledge to answer your questions and is happy to give personal advice to help you decide which Mac, iPad, iPhone or other Apple product you should purchase.

And here’s WakaWaka:

We’re a social impact company on a mission to provide universal access to the abundant energy of the sun.We help people plug into the sun. For power and for light. In an emergency or for play. In the middle of the city or way off the beaten path.

WakaWaka means “shine bright” in Swahili. We help share the sun.

Which means you will never need another battery, candle or kerosene lamp. Because, you know… the sun will come out tomorrow and the day after and the day after…

Quite the difference, right?

Amac is a brand that sells Apple products and accessories (or ‘gadgets') and gives you personal advice to help you with your purchase. WakaWaka is a brand that helps share the sun —a social impact company as they call themselves.

Their positioning is quite different from one another.

When you take both of these messages into account, which brand would be more likely to jump on the Pokémon GO bandwagon?

Atelier Pan trends pokémon go

No question about it, right?



So, when you’re in doubt whether your brand should try and benefit from a trend or hype:

Take a look at who you are:

  • ​— What do you stand for?
  • — What are your values?
  • — What is your mission? —and your vision?.

Take a look at how you’ve positioned yourself in the market:

  • ​— What image do you want to portrait?
  • — What kind of audience do you want to attract?

After this little exercise you'll know if the trend fits your brand ?


Was it hard for you to decide to jump on or not? What made you decide to do it or not?

Please share your story in the comments below. We’d love to hear about your experiences. It’s always so valuable to hear your side of things. Thanks!

With pleasure,


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