10 questions you need to ask your visual identity designer before hiring them

10 questions you need to ask your visual identity designer before hiring them

—You need to read this if you’re looking for a designer. 

A lot of people don’t ask the right questions when they’re looking for a visual identity designer. They just pick a designer, go with it and hope for the best. 

But I think it’s really important that you get to know your designer before you hire them. You need to have a conversation with them, so you can discuss what you’re looking for. 

For example I get an email from a potential client and they say: “I need a logo for this and this. Can you help me?” Of course this is a good question, but you should also want to know a bit more about the designer before your hire him. Think about: Do you have the same views? Do you think the same things are important? Etc.

Ask more questions.

As you know I like to work with change makers —people who want to make a difference in the world and they have a product or service that'll makes the world a better place. We come from a similar background or we have similar convictions. We have view of the world that overlaps or even matches. 

Those things are very important when you’re trying to find a designer. Find a match.


If you and your company have a certain style in mind or you want to get your message across in a certain way, it’s important that the style of the designer matches with your views.

Maybe you’re looking for a hands-on designer who takes you by the hand and guides you through the whole process. Or maybe you’d like to be more hands-on yourself.

Or maybe you’d like to give the project to the designer and after a few weeks or months —the finished project is handed to you and you’ll be able to have a look at it —instead of collaborating with your designer intensively; re-iterating the project every step of the way.

Or maybe you’d need a designer with specific experience in some area. Has he done these kind of projects before?

Think about things like that.

Atelier Pan | 10 Questions you need to ask your visual identity designer before hiring them

You need to do some research on the designer that you plan to hire. To get a feel of their experience, a feel of their design process, etc. Just to see if you’re a match. To see if you have a fit.

To help you find the right (visual identity) designer for your project, I made a list of 10 questions you need to ask your designer before you hire them.

Allright, let’s get to it.


  1. How long has the designer been in business? Does the designer have experience with YOUR needs? Look for experience that relates to your plans.
  2. Can you see some of previous work? Does the designer have a portfolio? And is it a strong one?
  3. Does the designer have references? E.g. look for testimonials from satisfied clients.
  4. Who does the actual work? When you plan to hire a bigger agency for the project, this question is important. Usually your contact person won't be the person who does the actual design work.
  5. Will the designer spend time consulting with you? And do they listen to you?
  6. What about copyrights? Who owns the design once it’s finished and paid for?
  7. Can the designer work within your time frame and budget? And definitely discuss a time line with your designer.
  8. Is the designer planning to make a custom design? Or will a standard design be re-used and adapted?
  9. What is the design process like?
  10. How will the finished product be delivered? What files will you receive? Is the designer willing to hand over the source files?

These were the 10 questions. I think that once you want to hire a designer, you should definitely look into these questions and get some answers to get a good feeling about the designer. You'll get to know him a little better. You'll know what to expect from him. You'll know that you have a fit.

That fit or match is very important when you’re hiring a designer.

Ok, these were the 10 question you need to ask your (visual identity) designer before hiring them. Plus 3 additional bonus questions that I thought were very valuable for you to know about.


Actually I have 13 questions, but "The 10 questions..." just sounded better, right? You can find the additional 3 as your bonus questions in the printable pdf I have for you — see below 🙂


I have prepared a printable pdf of these questions for you to use as a template when you’re looking for a visual identity designer. To get it all you need to do is answer this question below in the comments:

What would you really like to know about your designer before hiring them?

Did I leave any important questions out?

After your comment is placed, I’ll send you the printable pdf template of The 10 questions you need to ask before hiring your (visual identity) designer (plus 3 bonus questions).

Atelier Pan | 10 Questions you need to ask your visual identity designer before hiring them

With pleasure,


Atelier Pan | Brand Design for Conscious Entrepreneurs

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