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10 Practical tips to save paper and ink at the office (free ebook)

In honour of Atelier Pan's 3rd birthday this month, I have something special for you this week. A free to download ebook with 10 Practical tips to save paper and ink at the office. Plus a gift to help you implement those tips. Read on and get ready to open your gifts.


It all starts with awareness.

At Atelier Pan we try to limit our paper and ink use. With we I mean: me and the people I work with. I’d like to go completely paperless when possible. I'm not there yet, but I’ve come a long way already. When I'm working on a design project I continually ask myself: “Would it be possible to choose a solution that uses less paper? And what about less ink?”

Think before you print

If you’d like to save paper and ink as well, start with asking yourself questions. Before you press the print button, ask yourself questions like: “Is it really necessary to print this?” or “Do you have any idea how much paper you’ve used last month?”

Saving starts with awareness: “Think before you print.” It is such a habit to just press print, without thinking about the consequences. On average we tend to use between 100 and 160 kg of paper every year. For an average male that’s more than his own weight in paper. That’s a lot!

With these 10 tips I want to help you also become more aware of your own paper and ink use. They will help you and your office save up to 20%. And that’s not just paper and ink… it’ll also lower your energy consumption and —not to mention— your costs.



Some tips might be quite straight forward, others might take some more effort on your part. Tip number 7 might even look familiar. I wrote a whole article about that tip a few weeks ago. In case you missed it: Think before your print: a simple tip, but easily overlooked.

Let’s have a look at the list:

  1. Hang reminders near your printer, copier and desk(s)
  2. Think twice before sending out flyers or brochures
  3. Use columns
  4. Make it smaller
  5. Use less full ink pages
  6. Set your printer to “draft mode"
  7. Choose the right font
  8. Choose a lighter or thinner kind of paper
  9. Use recycled paper or paper without wood pulp
  10. Print duplex and/or two pages on one sheet

To help you implement the 10 tips, I wrote a short ebook with more detailed information about the tips. You can download it for free at the bottom of this article. 


To help you remember to only print when you think it’s necessary, I designed two posters and two flyers that you can hang near your printer or place on your desk.

Download your free posters and flyers here:​

Atelier Pan | Poster 10 Practical tips for save paper and ink at the office

You can download the posters and flyers by clicking the link or right click and choose save as...

1. The 'Is it really necessary that you print this?' version:

A3 Poster (pdf)

A4 Poster (pdf)

A4 Flyer (pdf)

2. The 'Do you have any idea how much paper you've used last month?' version:

A3 Poster (pdf)

A4 Poster (pdf)

A4 Flyer (pdf)

*If you'd like a larger poster for your office (e.g. A0 or A1), just send me an email. I’d be happy to provide one.


|Ebook| Atelier Pan |

I’ve written a short ebook with more detailed information about the 10 tips that you can download for free. If you’re interested to learn more about how to save 20% paper, ink, energy and money for your office, just leave your first name and best email and I’ll send a free copy of the ebook straight to your inbox.

Atelier Pan | Grab ebook

*You'll receive an email with the free ebook within 10 minutes. After that you'll receive an email on occasion with tips and offers for the services that Atelier Pan provides. You can unsubscribe at all times by clicking on the unsubscribe link underneath every email, if you don't want to receive these emails anymore.

Do you also have a tip?

This is just a selection of the tips I came up with. There are probably a lot more things we can do to save paper and ink. Can you think of one that I missed? Let me know in the comments below.​

With pleasure,


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